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First Time Users:

Click the Register button and follow these tips to set up an account.

1. Choose a user name that is easy to remember.  There are no restrictions on your user name, but it is case sensitive.

2. Choose a password following these rules: 

                 a) Minimum of 8 characters in length

                b) At least one upper case letter and one number

                c) Numbers cannot be in the first or last position


3.  An account number is required. 

a) Your account number is found on your invoice.  (Examples: 0004/123BB45678, 0027/111FC22334, 0053/B54321).  

b) If your invoice shows 2 digits followed by a slash instead of 4 digits (for example 04/123BB45678), add "00" to the front of the number so it looks like the examples above. 

c) The slash “/” is required as a part of the account number.

Suspended Accounts: Requirements for Reactivation

1. Follow the registration steps above.

2. Make your payment.

3. Forward your email confirmation to

4. Your account will be reactivated within 48 hours of receiving your payment confirmation email.


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